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Innovation at Anglian Water

Water is non-stop innovation.

We’re big believers that we can turn challenges into opportunities through the power of innovation.

We don’t know exactly what challenges the future will hold for us, but we do know we need to protect our customers, environment and assets. That’s why we’re always striving to be more agile and responsive, to challenge our traditional approaches, and to make the most of collaboration, innovation and engagement. We even have a dedicated innovation hub – we call it our Shop Window.

Woman in an office environment wearing a VR headset, hands out in front of her

A new reality

VR is helping us raise the game in employee training

A new suite of tailored training programmes built with VR is helping us take learning to the next level.

Designed to complement our existing training, the new programmes will see up to 35 people tackling relevant work scenarios simultaneously from different locations.

It’s all about conveying vital information on things like driving and working at height in the most engaging, immersive and tech-driven ways.

View of large solar panel array on top of an Anglian Water facility

Innovating, come rain or shine

Getting closer to our goal of becoming carbon neutral

Making the most of rainwater is one of the ways we’re helping to drive sustainability. But it’s not the only way.

As part of our bid to become carbon neutral by 2050, we’ve commissioned a new solar array to power our Shenfield and Hutton Water Recycling Centres.

The energy generated will directly power site processes, increasing our sustainability and leading to savings of over £1 million a year.

Abstract close up of some blue waves recorded on a computer

Listening for leaks

The power of sound is helping us protect our network

The first sign of a leak isn’t always unwanted water. Noise logging has long been at the forefront of our leak reduction plan.

And now we’re investing in hydrophone noise loggers – they send an alarm to a system that’s permanently monitored through mobile technology.

This is ground breaking, as our Optimisation Project Engineer Richard Fielding explains: “This gives us cost-effective, smart, real-time leakage monitoring. Our bespoke solution is saving us thousands of pounds.”