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Water is about harnessing potential.

It’s about exploring new opportunities. Rethinking how things are done. And training the talent of the future.

That’s why we work hard to design worthwhile apprenticeship schemes. They offer people like you the chance to gain skills, qualifications and experience as part of a team in a paid role within the business.

We believe these schemes are unique. And what makes them so is our total commitment to providing the development you need so you can make a real difference throughout your career with us.

We have launched our 54 Level 3 Apprenticeships, our largest Apprenticeship intake, ever! There’s a roles all across our region, check our our map to view an Apprenticeship opportunity near you.

Level 4 & Degree Apprenticeships

Digital Apprentice

On our exciting Level 4 Digital Apprenticeship programme you’ll work alongside an experienced team, utilising new technologies that will make a real difference in the business as well as attending the College of West Anglia on day release. Working at the heart of our digital transformation, you’ll help facilitate the delivery of business-critical information whilst being supported by digital experts across our business.  

This apprenticeship will enable you to understand how we work and operate and suggest recommendations on how to improve current processes. You will also undertake data analysis to provide insights into how we operate, develop bespoke programmes and apps to help improve efficiency, work on innovative solutions to complex problems, work with GIS (Arc, Hexagon, MapInfo) and SAP as well as learning to generate reports and present data to a variety of audiences for practical business use.  

Electrical Engineering Degree Apprentice

This Level 6 Electrical Engineer Degree Apprentice offers you the opportunity to gain a full honours degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering (funded by Anglian Water), whilst developing valuable industry-specific work experience and earning a wage.

We have a host of exciting engineering projects which require enthusiasm and innovation to deliver engineering excellence. Over the course of your 5/6 year Degree Apprenticeship, you will develop experience across many areas, including: design excellence – appreciating the application of relevant British Standards and Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES) in the design of LV assemblies, LV electrical installations, LV package plants, MV assemblies, MV electrical installations, as well as Health and Safety, Project Management and Site surveys!

To begin this apprenticeship, you will require the following qualifications:

  • At least 2 A-Levels including grade C or above in both a Mathematical based subject and a Science, Technology, Engineering OR;
  • BTEC Extended Diploma in an Engineering discipline OR;
  • ACCESS to HE Diploma in Engineering OR;
  • HNC or HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Instrumentation and Control Engineering AND;
  • GCSE English language and maths grade 4 (grade C) or above (or eligible equivalent). Apprentices without eligible level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking their apprenticeship End Point Assessment.

Information Technology Degree Apprentice

This 4 ½ year programme offers a combination of part time classroom study at university, distance learning and work-based training to give you a BSc Honours degree in Digital and Technology Solutions as well as an Apprenticeship certificate. Anglian Water supports this by providing 20% of your working week as paid study time to fit around the demands of your role. You’ll also gain valuable skills and technical knowledge, with guidance and support throughout from an experienced team helping you apply your learning to solve real-life problems.

You’ll play a vital role as part of a friendly team exploring and finding ways of using innovative technology, harnessing the power of graphical information systems, machine learning and cloud capability to ensure the service and solutions we provide are cutting edge.

To begin this apprenticeship, you will require the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above including a Maths based subject and a STEM subject, or equivalent.
  • 3 A Levels at grades A*-C including a Mathematics based subject and a STEM subject (or equivalent)

Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship

This Level 6 Civil Engineer Degree Apprentice offers you the opportunity to gain a full honours degree (funded by Anglian Water), whilst developing valuable industry-specific work experience and earning a wage.

Through a host of exciting engineering projects, over the course of your 5/6 year Degree Apprenticeship, you will develop experience across many areas, including: design excellence – delivering clean water and wastewater infrastructure design projects within a framework, Health and Safety, Project Management and Site surveys!

To begin this apprenticeship, you will require three A-levels at Grades A*-C, including Maths & Science (or equivalent).

Level 3 & 4 Operational Apprenticeships

The opportunities are now live and will be open for applications until Sunday 20th February 2022.

Click here to view our current opportunities and the locations across the Anglian Water region.

Process Commissioning Engineer Apprentice

This fantastic 5-year Apprenticeship offers you a mixture of classroom study and practical on the job training. For the first two years, you will work towards your Water Process Technician Apprenticeship, learning about the operation and optimisation of wastewater and sludge treatment assets. By the end of these two years, you’ll have gained your Licence to Operate! You’ll then continue your learning and undertake a two-year Asset Management Apprenticeship to understand treatment assets, investment and capital delivery.

In the fifth and final year, you will spend time on the @One Alliance sites developing your practical skills to become a Process Commissioning Engineer!

Throughout the whole 5-year programme, you will be part of the Commissioning Team and working with the @One Alliance in the capital delivery part of the business focussing on wastewater treatment. This role is crucial to ensure that as sewage goes through the process, the biological processes are happening correctly, and that you are looking for ways to optimise the processes as well. These complex biological processes must meet the standards set by the Environment Agency to ensure we discharge water safely back into the environment.

To apply, you will need 5 GCSEs grades A*-C/ 9-4 (or equivalent) in English, Maths and a mixture of two or more scientific subjects.

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical, not afraid to work outside in all weathers and is truly interested in understanding how things work. We are looking for someone with an inquisitive mindset, who will be interested in the biological processes of the natural world and is committed to protecting the environment.


Water Recycling Network Technician

On this 24 month programme you will spend the majority of this apprenticeship outdoors, gaining knowledge of our sewage network and the necessary skills and experience required to become a fully qualified Field Technician. It is an extremely varied role, where no day is the same reacting to the wide range of issues that occur on our network, including blockages, odours, flooding and pollution incidents.

You will spend time with a mentor working on the front line with our customers, learning how to use specialist equipment to investigate and resolve any issues they encounter.  You will become trained in the operation of a high pressure water jetting unit, as well as CCTV equipment and smoke detection devices. In addition you will gain qualifications to allow you to work in the Highway and confined spaces.

You will learn about the planned maintenance we complete on our assets to protect peoples homes and local watercourses, and be part of a team who are first responders to any incidents that may affect the environment.

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical, not afraid to work outside in all weathers and most importantly not afraid of working with sewage.  We are looking for a people person and a problem solver who would enjoy finding faults on our sewer network, making a real difference to both the customers and environment we serve. The role requires you to achieve your LGV licence so you can drive a 4.5 tonne van including high pressure water jetting machinery!

Water Technician (Restoration) Apprentice

Can you help keep our customers water supplies flowing? Water Engineers at Anglian Water are unsung heroes, through their problem solving and engineering solutions, they help to restore our customers water supplies when they are interrupted – sometimes without our customers even realising!

This 18–24-month Apprenticeship offers you a mixture of classroom study and practical on the job training to gain your Level 3 Water Distribution Control Apprenticeship. Throughout the majority of your first year, you’ll spend 1 week in 4 at a specialist training facility located in Peterborough, building and developing your knowledge of Water Engineering. In year 2, you’ll be working closely with a mentor gaining practical skills and confidence around alternative water supplies such as tankering, line stops and over lands.

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical, not afraid to work outside in all weathers and is truly interested in the engineering of restoring water supplies. We are looking for someone who would take job satisfaction from keeping our customers water supplies going and someone who would enjoy achieving their HGV licence and driving our large tankers!

Watch the video below to find out more about our Restoration team.

Workshop Apprentice

On this 3–4-year programme, you’ll work towards your Level 3 Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician (Mechanical) Apprenticeship Standard. Throughout the majority of your first year, you will be based at a fully expensed residential college in Grantham where you will meet like-minded people and build your knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering. During years 2 and 3 you will attend college 1 day a week with the rest of the time being in the workshop to reinforce your on-the-job learning. 


Across our region we have 4 strategically placed workshops where we repair and maintain all Anglian Water assets to consistently high standards. The work can include constructing new equipment and delivering new solutions, as well as providing cost effective maintenance and repairs. As a fully qualified Mechanical Workshop Technician, you will be responsible for carrying out repairs, refurbishments, and fabrication work on our Water Recycling assets. 

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical and interested in repairing, maintain and refurbishing our Water Recycling assets such as pumps, gearboxes to maximise their lifespan. We are looking for somebody who is a problem solver and enjoys using their own imitative to recommend and find solutions. For this role you’ll be based in the Workshop so a driving licence isn’t essential.

Mechanical and Electrical Apprentice

On this 3–4-year programme, you’ll work towards your Level 3 Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician (Electromechanical) Apprenticeship Standard. Throughout the majority of your first year, you will be based at a fully expensed residential college in Grantham where you will meet like-minded people and build your knowledge of instrumentation, as well as developing your mechanical and electrical skills. During years 2 and 3 you will spend 1 week in 4 at college to reinforce your on-the-job learning. Year 4 will be fully work based. 

As a fully qualified and multiskilled mechanical and electrical Maintenance Technician, you will be responsible for ensuring the equipment at our Water Recycling sites remains operational through maintaining and repairing the assets. There are many components necessary to operate the water recycling system which must be carefully maintained, such as wet wells, pipes, valves, storage tanks and pumps! 

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical and interested in mechanical and electrical processes. We are looking for somebody who is a problem solver and would enjoy utilising IT systems to report and diagnose complex faults on our Water Recycling assets such as wet wells, pipes, valves, storage tanks and pumps! This is a 4 year programme with the first year in full time education, so we are looking for someone who is hard working, keen to learn and self motivated. 

Network Technician Apprentice

This 18–24-month programme offers you a mixture of classroom study and on the job training to gain your Level 3 Water Process Technician Apprenticeship. Throughout the majority of your first year, you’ll spend 1 week in 4 at a specialist training facility located in Peterborough, building your knowledge of Water Networks. 

When not attending training, you’ll spend most of your time with a mentor, on the job learning and will become part of the team involved in activities such as reacting to customers’ needs, leakage detection, water regulations, water quality as well as planned, reactive and preventative maintenance on the water network.

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical and interested in engineering of our Water Network. We are looking for somebody who is a is people person and would enjoy delivering top customer service to our customers/general public. In this role you’ll be on the front line with customers so it is essential that you will promote Anglian Water’s services and brand in a positive light at all times.

Check out our day in the life video to find out more!

Treatment Apprentice

Running for 2 years, you’ll work towards your Level 3 Water Process Technician Apprenticeship. Throughout the first year, you’ll spend 1 week in 4 at a specialist training facility located in Peterborough. Here, you’ll meet a group of like-minded apprentices and build your knowledge on wastewater treatment. When not attending training, you’ll spend most of your time with a mentor where you’ll be on the job learning and building your knowledge. Day to day, you’ll be able to get involved with our fascinating Water Recycling processes which includes screening, settlement and biological treatment.  

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who isn’t phased by the smells of sewage! We are looking for somebody that is interested in the waste water treatment process. We are looking for someone with an inquisitive mindset, who will be interested in the biological processes of the natural world and is committed to protecting the environment.

Asset Technician Apprentice

On this 2-3 year programme, you will work achieve your Level 3 Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician (Electromechanical) Apprenticeship Standard. Throughout the majority of your first year, you will be based at a fully expensed residential college in Grantham where you will build your knowledge of instrumentation, as well as developing your mechanical and electrical skills. During years 2 and 3 you will spend 1 week in 4 at college to reinforce your on-the-job learning. Year 4 will be fully work based. 

As a fully qualified and multi skilled mechanical and electrical Asset Technician, you will be responsible for ensuring the equipment at our Water Treatment Works remains operational so that our customers continue to receive 1,100 million litres of drinking water per day. Whilst on the job you will also learn about all aspects of the water treatment process including the chemicals, coagulants, disinfectants, and gases. 

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical and interested in mechanical and electrical processes. We are looking for somebody who interested in the water treatment process and would enjoy carrying out routine maintenance and diagnosing complex faults on our water sites.

Leakage Field Technician

Through a combination of classroom study, exciting on-the-job training and support from an experienced mentor and team, our Leakage Field Technician Apprenticeship will support you to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. This programme is a modular course lasting two years, which will gain you a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Water Engineering: Leakage Technician.  

You’ll be part of a critical team who leads the way in leakage detection to ensure we reduce the time, cost and disruption for our customers and the environment. We use a range of traditional and up to date IT based leakage equipment and techniques to help us detect leaks in our water network, they dramatically reduce bursts and therefore minimise disruption to our customers.  

What type of person would this Apprenticeship suit?

This field based Apprenticeship would suit someone who is practical and enjoys working outside. We are looking for somebody who is interested in finding & fixing leaks and going the extra mile for to enhance the end to end customer experience.

Check our day in the life video to find out more!

What Apprenticeships are in my area?

Applications for our Level 3 Operational Apprenticeships are now closed. Applications will open again in January 2023.

Meet Vicky

Vicky started at Anglian Water two years ago through our apprenticeship programme and is now a fully fledged Leakage Technician! Hear what she has to say about how she has found being a female in an operational role below

Our schemes

An apprenticeship is the best of both worlds – an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn a competitive salary without missing out on the chance to study (debt-free) for useful qualifications.

Our apprenticeships vary in terms of duration, salaries and the qualifications you’ll gain – but they all give you the chance to get your career with us off to a flying start.

If you’re not sure where your skills would best fit, why not check out our job descriptions below? It will help you work out which of our apprenticeships will be the best match for you.

Hear from our current and previous apprentices across the business

Former Level 3 Optimisation Apprentice
Level 4 Digital Apprentice
Level 3 Leakage Technician Apprentice
Former Level 3 Network Technician Apprentice
Level 4 Digital Apprentice
Information Services Degree Apprentice
Level 3 Operational Technology Field Apprentice
Level 3 Asset Technician Apprentice
Level 4 Digital Apprentice
Former Level 3 Optimisation Apprentice

I started my journey with Anglian Water in October 2017 as an Optimisation Apprentice carrying out an NVQ level 3 in “Water Process Technician – Water Network Distribution”.

In June 2017 I was 18 and wondering what on earth am I going to do in life now, as I had always wanted to be a vet but this dream was cut short by epilepsy which I developed at the beginning of A-Levels in 2015 due to the stress of exams. I was doing all 3 sciences and maths which were hard enough at times during GCSEs let alone A-Level. So, I had to start looking at what my options were and decided there was nothing at university I wanted to really study, so I would be just going for the sake of it. It was tough at first getting it across to the school I was at, that I wanted to do an apprenticeship. They were constantly telling me to apply at different universities, but I knew that wasn’t the direction I wanted to head in anymore if I couldn’t be a vet.

I began my search with the vision in my head that I want to be practical and outdoors as I have always been an outdoors person, being brought up my whole life with horses. I applied for the Leakage Technician Apprenticeship and passed all the tests to get through to the interview stage, which I couldn’t quite believe as I had already been turned away from a couple of male dominated apprenticeships.

Then came the interview day, there was a couple of activities we had to carry out before the actual interview. One was team building to make a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows which was great fun, the other was to build a structure on your own under exam conditions, from the parts you were given along with a ruler with a diagram of how it should look and the distances between each plastic plate. Some people struggled with it, we had half an hour to build it but I finished it in 25 mins and looked around as I was confused as to how I had finished it, but others hadn’t yet and didn’t.

At the beginning of my apprenticeship I couldn’t drive due to having to wait to be a year seizure free. Whilst I couldn’t drive, I would shadow various roles which applied to the apprenticeship. Shadowing Network Technicians developed my understanding to how the network works along with gaining an insight to the water world with gang assists, stop tap locates, customer queries, as well as importance of water quality.

I also shadowed Leakage Technicians which included using the different ways of locating a leak varying from the good old listening stick, to correlating the main to pinpoint the location. However, I soon passed my driving test first time January 4th, 2018 leading to me getting a small van a couple of weeks later. I was field based as an Optimiser for just over 2 years whilst I completed my apprenticeship.

As an Optimiser my field based role used to involve many jobs, such as deploying pressure monitoring loggers requested by analysts in the offices, to taking apart assets and servicing the pressure reducing valves (note to self, wear waterproof mascara when working around water).

Once I had completed my apprenticeship and passed, I decided I wanted a new challenge that ideally meant I didn’t have to deal with battling spiders in chambers anymore or constantly breaking a nail when cleaning the PRV parts. So, I investigated other Optimisation roles, as I still wanted to be involved in the world of PRV’s and how they worked. This then led to me applying for a Support Engineer position in Optimisation on a secondment and I was successful in getting this in January 2020.

This role involved supporting the Engineer such as raising jobs for the Optimisers to carry out, checking the PRV pressures were all normal on the portal, as well as updating systems to notify customers what was happening in their area. When we then got to January 2021, I was offered the role on a permanent basis and happily accepted!

The team was then tasked with a huge increase in output from April 2021 and targeted to install around 180 PRVs across the whole region in just one year (instead of the usual 25 – 35) to reduce the leakage across all areas by reducing the pressure wherever we can. So, as you can imagine the workload increased by quite a lot.

The process changed significantly meaning we would design a scheme we expect would work, get approval from networks, then hand it over to construction for surveys whilst continuing to carry out further analysis on the scheme. I still carried out many of the roles I was doing before with the job raising and updating relevant systems and spreadsheets, just with a lot more schemes. Around the end of August 2021 my Engineer went on extended leave, giving me the opportunity to pick up the Engineer role whilst also still doing the Support Engineer role which was quite a big step up to me. This then meant I had responsibility for everything from designing schemes, to amending any that construction would send back if the location was not suitable, as well as liaising with construction daily for planned dates and confirming networks are still happy with what we are doing. Following the PRV’s being installed, I would do everything that needed doing to keep each project moving, acting as both Engineer and my own Support Engineer! I would organise for the controllers to be fitted and the PRV to be commissioned. Once it had baselined, I would then slowly optimise the scheme to create a calmer network.

An Engineer position then came up in our team in December and as I’d already been doing the role for a couple of months, I thought why not make it official and apply. I was then successful in this application and became an Optimisation Engineer in February 2022. Still to this day I can’t quite believe how far I’ve come in just over 4 years that I have been with Anglian Water and I still look back to when I received the phone call on the day of my interview for the apprenticeship offering me the job.

I highly recommend apprenticeships now to anyone at that age looking at what to do in life, especially if you aren’t sure you want to go to university. I am so glad now that I took the route I did as I am now in a role that I am proud to say I am in.

Level 4 Digital Apprentice

I chose Anglian Water because it offered me an opportunity to work in a field that interested me without having to go away to university. After applying to the apprenticeship based on the job role, I did some further research on Anglian Water and discovered lots of great reviews online, such as their award for being the best place to work in the UK. Now that I have worked here for a bit, I can confirm that the reviews are accurate! 


There are many benefits to working for Anglian Water as an apprentice. Not only do you get to work for a business that cares about its employees, you also work in a company that is very supportive of apprentices and want to build them up.

There are lots of opportunities within the business to grow your skills and Anglian Water is very supportive of apprentices pursuing these opportunities.

I have taken part in workshops that have covered how to plan my career path, improving my personal resilience and many others.  


My day to day varies depending on what projects I have going on at the time. No two projects are the same which is nice as it keep the job varied. Each project brings a new challenge which helps me improve both my technical and soft skills.  At college we learn the technical skills needed to work with the data analysis industry, such as how to code in Python and R. As well as this we learn the theory, which gives you a holistic view of the data analysis subject. The projects I get involved in at work are very different but all link back to data. One of the projects that I am currently working on is to do with finding a way to display our 3D models in VR, this project has taught me a lot about how to present findings of my work to external and internal stakeholders to the project. I have also been involved in more traditional Data Analysis projects, like working on creating dashboards for operational staff at Water Recycling Centres that displays data they collect about the assets on their site. 


As an apprentice in Anglian Water you receive support from everyone in the business. If you are ever stuck on something, you will find someone who is a subject matter expert that will help you. I have also had the support and encouragement to participate in workshops and courses that help improve soft skills that are not taught at the college like presenting or workload management. 


From the apprenticeship I am not only able to learn technical skills for Data Analysis like Power BI, I am also able to develop soft skills like presenting and workload management that will help me in any role I end up going to after the apprenticeship. At college I have learnt how to program in Python and R and have even become Microsoft accredited for those languages through the college, as well as getting a final qualification at the end of my course that is endorsed by the biggest IT charted institute in the United Kingdom. 


I would describe the culture at Anglian Water as being friendly and supportive. A really good atmosphere to be an apprentice in. The variety of projects that I am able to work on are the best bit about my role. It allows me to learn what different parts of the business do and allows me to gain a better understanding of the sort of job role I would want to be in after the apprenticeship is finished. 

Level 3 Leakage Technician Apprentice

“I’m a Leakage Technician Apprentice currently undertaking a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship. It’s been a really good stepping stone for progression within Anglian Water.

Day-to-day, I help to spot potential leakages in our network before they’re visible or cause a disruption to customers. I’ve been given a lot of training with our equipment, so I use those and our resources to complete my tasks. It feels good to know we’re helping customers out.

 “Anglian Water is helping me to build a lifetime career.”

My manager, in particular, has always been there to push me in the right direction and has encouraged me to sign up for courses I’m interested in. The business wants you to learn beyond your job and develop. In fact, one of my proudest moments to date was being given the chance to be on the Future Leaders Board at Anglian Water.

Anglian Water is like a big family – there’s always someone there if you need help. Every day is interesting, rewarding and challenging (in a good way!).”

Former Level 3 Network Technician Apprentice

In 2011, I had just finished my Vocational training as a Heating and Plumbing Engineer. I had made the decision to leave Academic education due to life circumstances and a relocation. I soon realised that I enjoyed working out and about, also discovering new skills and challenges each day. After weighing up my options, I decided to further my career by looking for a long-term position in a company where I could see myself grow and develop. I had my own idea of where I wanted to work, so I started my research in the companies. I came across an advert in the local newspaper from Anglian Water offering Engineering Apprenticeships, I quickly followed the instructions and sent an application online.

I received a very clear and concise response back from the recruitment team and was made to feel like a valued applicant. My experience of the recruitment process felt very personal and was not faceless like my experience from the other companies. This confirmed to me that the Anglian Water culture was more than words. Eventually I had another company inviting me for an interview, but I had made up my mind and was ever more determined to join Anglian Water. I pushed through the initial assessments and was offered a place on the apprenticeship scheme. I knew straight away this was the beginning of a very fulfilling career journey.

My day can comprise of different activities. I carry out Technical Training to everyone in the company that needs to learn about how we operate our Water Network. I also create training packages for new methods of working, including processes and innovations within the ways of working. When I am not attending meetings and completing any relevant paperwork, I mentor others within the company to help with their own Development. I too have benefitted from being Mentored, which has been the biggest factor in my Professional Development. My mentors include colleagues and managers that have pushed me to achieve my potential.

Good communication skills are essential to be a successful apprentice, having the ability to actively listen and to keep an open mind to new ideas, also being able to be empathetic to others, such as our Customers, Colleagues and our Communities. You should enjoy problem-solving and be motivated to develop yourself and being able to work as a team is integral to success as an apprentice.

We are a very diverse company, and everyone is empowered to challenge when something does not look quite right. Our Purpose, Values and Behaviors, Do the Right Things, Build Trust, Are Always Exploring, these gives us our common goal and it is our guiding star.

I also love the culture at Anglian Water, including; inclusion, great Work benefits such as Private healthcare, flexible working, and a fantastic Pension scheme.

Anglian Water also runs a volunteer programme which encourages you to give back to the community. As a Welfare Officer for my Local Tennis Club, Anglian Water gave me the time to off to attend my initial training to be able to support my community.

If you are applying for an apprenticeship, be yourself. There is no one behavior that fits all at Anglian Water.

There is a great emphasis on Health and Wellbeing, backed up by fantastic benefits such as the fully paid by Anglian Water mental wellbeing apps and the employee assistance packages, private healthcare for your family at a significantly reduced cost to all. Great work life balance is promoted across the company. Everyone works as team here and help is never more than a phone call or video call away.

I am very excited about Anglian Water’s push for Innovation and Technological Advancement. I can foster this passion by diving in and looking at ways in which I can bring our Training up to date, such as exploring Artificial Intelligence, Apps (Coding), animations and making learning fun and accessible to everyone. I am also privileged to be able to play a big part in the future of Anglian Water by training the future Engineers and Leaders of the company.

Level 4 Digital Apprentice

After coming across the apprenticeship online and initially thinking it looked like a great opportunity academically for me, I then looked into Anglian Water’s ethics and reputation which solidified my initial thoughts that it seemed like a great company to work for. The company really places an emphasis on employee wellbeing, progression and benefits and also has great environmental ethics, it outcompetes a lot of other companies in this regard.

Day to day, my workload varies. I have a number of projects working with people from different teams in my business area and I am free to organise my workload for these in a way that best suits me. I can have days where I will be in meetings all day and representing Anglian Water to external companies and on other days I will be able to focus fully on my technical work, working mainly with asset data.

I would recommend Anglian Water because it really is a great company to work for. The culture is relaxed but motivating, they really encourage and support professional growth as well as supporting personal development where they can. This is also why they’re a great company for apprenticeships, they facilitate learning and development and you can ask anyone in the business for help or some guidance and they will happily help you. The work is varied and often tailored to areas where you need more experience, you are given ample support to progress in these areas to become well-rounded for any future role you might take on within the business or beyond. It’s a great way to learn lots of new professional and technical skills whilst also being employed by a great company and making good connections.

For the course, we study Data Analysis in Python and R and the wider context of data analytics within businesses. Our project work is varied. We have multiple projects at any one time and they can be completely different from each other. Some of my projects have involved representing the company to an external software corporation, investigating and configuring their products to assess their suitability for handling AW data, working with one of our alliance partners and leading a working group of subject matter experts to address the issue of data flow, data input and cleansing with our GIS and leading and facilitating a forum for apprentices across digital and data business areas. The variation in projects makes sure that the apprenticeship always remains interesting and means that no two days are the same, making it a great way to try out different areas of work to find out what role and area of the business interests you the most.

The manager of our team is very supportive, she always offers guidance and someone to talk to when needed and takes any feedback or suggestions into account. As an apprentice, my experience has been that you are warmly welcomed and offered any support you need no matter who you go to. The atmosphere with Anglian Water is very friendly and most people who you go to for help will be happy to support and mentor you in areas/topics that are relevant to your projects or development.

The skills/knowledge that I am gaining from this apprenticeship are countless. I have gained a lot of confidence in facilitating and leading groups of people, networking, project management and have learned all about data and analytics through my apprenticeship.

Very friendly, relaxed but can be slightly faster-paced at times, supportive of progression but encouraging of work-life balance. A great working culture.

The variation in the projects that we do really keeps the role interesting, and for me, the real benefit of this comes from all of the different people I meet as a result of this. Everyone I have come across has been super friendly and helpful, and have been very knowledgeable in their area and it has been great to work with some of these people and gain knowledge from them.

Information Services Degree Apprentice

I am currently working from home. It has been amazing to see the utilisation of technology to support us throughout the pandemic. I am often seeing people that I may not have seen at all prior to this. Knowing that people genuinely care about your wellbeing.  


I chose to join Anglian Water to be part of a company with great core values and be part of their bigger mission whilst using my skills in technology. In my apprenticeship programme I can explore different teams within our Information Services department. This means that I can try out different areas to work out what I like but also what I do not like. Whilst trying these out I am also developing technical and soft skills that will help me grow. This means that my day to day work is often quite different and not one day is the same and for me I love that. 


I originally thought I always wanted to be a software engineer and wanted to develop into that career, however, by joining Anglian Water I realised that there were so many other career paths that I didn’t know existed but excited me even more!


I honestly believe the opportunities are endless here and there is something for everyone. I also get to work with different schools to host workshops around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), different technology skills and I get to share my experiences as an apprentice.  


My apprenticeship is equivalent to Computer Science with the added benefit of learning more business skills to give me a broader understanding which is great because it becomes easy to apply what you are learning into the job straight away. A lot of the projects I have worked on involve improving processes and efficiency by using technology. This requires an understanding of the current business process and limitations and then have a wider understanding of what technology is out there to solve that challenge and build a solution. I also had the chance to run Anglian Water’s Open Data project and host an international hackathon collaborating with other water companies.  


It is undeniable the amount of personal and career growth I have experience since starting the apprenticeship. I have achieved things that I would never thought I would do and moulding my career towards my goals by developing my skills and knowledge. I also get support from my line manager and leadership team mentor who stays with me throughout the programme (4.5 years) and then I also have a placement manager for each placement I go to, to support me in gaining all the skills I need in that area.  


I have lots of different support networks and everyone is always willing to help should I need it. I feel like my voice is always listened to and I have the freedom to unleash my creativity as long as I meet the end goal that was given to me.  

Level 3 Operational Technology Field Apprentice

I had heard lots of great things about Anglian Water. When leaving school, I knew that I wanted to do an apprenticeship with a reputable company that was going to give me great opportunities long term and that’s exactly what Anglian Water has done.

I am an Operational Technology Field Apprentice working within the Operational Technology Department. My role enables me to support and monitor the telemetry networks that control operational processes within the business to ensure they run as smoothly as possible. 

Having a passion for electrical engineering and networking will benefit you in this role.

However, I started my apprenticeship having done a GCSE in Electronic Products and knew very little about networking and I have enjoyed my time in my apprenticeship, learning lots of new things along the way. Anglian Water are always supportive in any courses or workshops that you want to get involved in.

After my apprenticeship, I plan to continue in my role within Anglian Water to gain a deeper knowledge of the telemetry networks. Eventually, I would like to do an Electrical Engineering HNC to further my studies and have a broad range of knowledge.

My advice for someone applying for an apprenticeship at Anglian Water would be to just be yourself! Show a willingness to learn and grow within your role. Anglian Water don’t always want the best but someone who has a positive attitude for new opportunities and shows good potential.

The best thing about my role is that I am able to earn while I learn and cease new opportunities to progress within the company.

My job is stimulating and challenging which gives great variety in what I do from day-to-day. No two days are the same!

Health and safety is paramount at Anglian Water and this has certainly been reflected during the Coronavirus pandemic. I was asked to stay home during the first lockdown but on return to work I have felt safe and supported in the decisions I have taken to keep myself well and healthy at work. Regular business bulletins have helped me to stay up to date with the changes that are being made across the business.

Level 3 Asset Technician Apprentice

I chose Anglian Water as I had heard nothing but good things about them, I always heard what a diverse company they are and the variety of roles they support. After leaving Sixth Form I knew that I wanted to work hands on and learn on the job whilst also working outside, this led me to looking in depth into what Anglian Water could offer me and that’s when I found their apprenticeship scheme. I have now been in my apprenticeship for 2 and a half years.

On a day-to-day basis as an Asset Technician consists of traveling to and working on some of our sites in my patch. This includes conducting routine maintenance, fault finding and resolving issues, preventing future issues and emergency work such as breakdowns. This role also allows me to learn how the different sites work and the whole process from the beginning (abstracting the water) all the way to customers taps. On occasions I do also take part in assisting the rest of the team with duties such as major events like reservoir and water tower cleans, new commissions and general maintenance of the site itself.

I came into this role with no electrical or mechanical background, but I had a passion for learning something new as well as enjoying working with my hands. I was also nervous as a female coming into a male dominated workplace, but everyone I have met have been very friendly and have treated me as part of the team from day one.

If you’re thinking of applying for an apprenticeship my advice would be to not be afraid to do so. Anglian Water genuinely care about their employees and their apprentices as they are the future of Anglian Water, so you are well cared for and there is always someone to ask for help, it is a big family at the end of the day. Even if you have no experience but are still interested it is worth applying as I had no experience, but I am now in a job I can safely say I love. It isn’t as scary as it may seem.

The culture at Anglian Water is all about helping each other and even though you may be physically on your own, there is always help just a phone call away. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help you as well as encouraging you to learn, and you will never be chucked in at the deep end.

One of the best things about my job is that I work in a very supportive and friendly team who are always there if I am ever confused about something or need a hand with a job. I also love that no two days are the same, I am constantly learning and improving upon my skills, and I also feel as if I am providing a service to my community. I am looking forward to the day I can finish my apprenticeship and have my own responsibilities and jobs to do.

Level 4 Digital Apprentice

Before Anglian Water I was working full time at McDonalds as I tried to figure out my next step after leaving college. I had taken a year out of education to decide what I wanted to do next – whether that be University, a gap year or full time working. I enjoyed learning but I also enjoyed earning for myself, so when this apprenticeship came up on Indeed – it was the perfect opportunity to learn and earn.

I had applied for the apprenticeship during lockdown and my interview and assessment centre all took place online through Zoom, so when I received the news I was accepted – I wasn’t sure what to expect. But fortunately for me, my first day was in the ‘in-between’ stages of lockdown and I was able to go into office, meet my team and build relationships before the time came to work online.

A few months later, we were set up to work from home again and I had to learn how to communicate efficiently thought teams and skype. The hardest thing getting used to was not having someone to turn around to talk to about work or ask them what something meant. Everything had to be set up in meetings or messaged through teams and that meant not getting the full detail you would in a normal conversation. However, this gave me the chance to find out things for myself and I learned how to use SharePoint effectively and how to get information about what I need.

Anglian Water gives me the flexibility to work from home and office, so I can decide what works for me. As my level 4 digital apprentice role entails many and varied projects, I find that a hybrid way of working benefits me best. If I am working on Power Apps or I have a lot of online meetings, I find it easier to work from home. However, if I am working with people in my team or meeting new colleagues, I prefer to go in the office and work/meet in person so that I can get more insight to the people and the work.

One of my main projects has been building a health and safety app that tracks all a user’s health and safety training and administration records. It is an app that reminds a user when they are due to renew their training and helps managers keep track of their team and nudge them if something is out of day. This has been an ongoing project since January 2021, but the app was release in June. The whole of Asset intelligence (approx. 70 people) is now trained and using the app and we are now preparing for it to go further. The end goal is to have whole of Anglian water using the app and health and safety easier to track.

As well as the Health and Safety App, I have also had projects to build a health and safety report, code other apps and Cost Modelling analysis. I use software such as Power apps, Power Bi, excel and G/Technology. This Level 4 digital apprentice role allows me to get a level 4 data analysis qualification out of college while gaining work experience in a digital area. It gives me the chance to build skills in software as well as personal skills like communication and workload management.

Each month I have a meeting with my manager to talk about the apprenticeship, college and the work itself to make sure that I am getting everything I can out of this apprenticeship. Emma makes sure I have enough work on and I am not overloaded but also points me in the direction of people to talk to. At the beginning of the apprenticeship she pointed me to Alison who over the year has helped me build confidence and get over the fear of being wrong.

The best part of this apprenticeship is that you are always valued and seen as an asset. All ideas are good ideas and you learn about not only the business but how to communicate and present your best self. Everyone is here to help, and they treat you like family. If you are looking to apply for an apprenticeship with Anglian Water, my advice is do it – you won’t regret it.

Inclusion in our community

At Anglian Water we strive to be as diverse as possible to make everyone who joins us feels comfortable, supported and welcomed. Find out more here about what we do for Inclusion in our community!

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What’s in it for you?

An apprenticeship with us is an opportunity to develop new skills by taking on real responsibilities. You’ll work alongside and learn from experienced colleagues as well as getting classroom-based training to support everything you do in your role.

We’ll pay you a salary and cover all your course fees too. The qualifications our apprentices study for vary from role to role but they’re all nationally recognised – you could even achieve a degree.

Being a successful utilities company takes lots of different people, all working hard to keep our water clean and readily available for our customers. That’s why we’re so passionate about recognising and rewarding the great work they do.


We want all our candidates to feel prepared and comfortable during the recruitment process. If you have a disability and need any special requirements at any stage of the recruitment process, please let us know straight away so we can make necessary adjustments for you. You can get in touch with our team at earlycareers@anglianwater, or by calling 01480 323187.

For Level 3 Apprenticeships, it is a requirement of the qualification standard for candidates to have GCSE Maths and English A*-C or 9-4 (or equivalent) to achieve the apprenticeship standard. We therefore ask candidates to provide evidence of their qualifications at application stage. We can accept, evidence that shows GCSE predicted grades, achieved GCSE grades (or equivalent), or proof of enrolment onto Functional Skills Maths & English Level 2.

Here are some online providers who state they offer free Functional Skills courses which are equivalent to Maths & English GCSE. Please be aware that as an impartial employer, we do not recommend a particular training provider. We advise that you research and contact them directly to find out more.
You will also likely need to complete an assessment as a starting point to check what level you are currently at.

We recruit Apprentices every single year and we're committed to helping and signposting applicants to achieve their potential.

Our apprentices take on real responsibilities, learning from experienced colleagues and getting classroom-based training to support everything they do in their job. You’ll get paid a salary and we cover all the course fees too. The qualifications our apprentices study for vary from role to role but they’re all nationally recognised.

This varies depending on the role. To give you an example, on our 3-4 year Maintenance or Asset Technician Apprenticeship, most of the first year is spent at a fully-expensed residential college, Monday to Friday.

Most of our Apprentices travel to college on Sunday evenings and then leave Friday should they wish to. However, they can stay at the college accommodation if preferred.

And if you join us on our 18-24 month Water Network Technician Apprenticeship, you'll start straight out in the business, but will spend one week in four at a residential training centre (block release training).

All our apprentices get to meet like-minded people and build their knowledge, spending time at college to reinforce their on-the-job learning.

If our apprentices pass their programme and show us they have what it takes to do well in their day-to-day role, you'll be invited to take on a full-time role with us. The learning won’t end there though. We’re passionate about developing our people so we invest in your training and development throughout their careers.

There are lots and lots of reasons why people do apprenticeships with us, including to gain real-life practical experience – and to be paid for it, excellent training and the opportunity to study for a professional qualification without getting into debt.

To apply for an Apprenticeship position, you'll need to upload an up to date version of your CV, along with a cover letter. There will also be a series of questions that you need to answer on our online questionnaire, as well as telling us what opportunities in your area you are interested in.

After the closing deadline has past, our in-house recruitment team will begin shortlisting candidates. Following this, you may be invited to carry out an online ability test that consists of mechanical comprehension.

At this stage, if you require any reasonable adjustments please contact us as soon as possible at, we're here to support you and ensure you do your best!

1. Application Process - uploading your CV/Cover Letter & answering some application questions
2. Shortlisting - Carried out by our in house recruitment team
3. Online Test - Mechanical Comprehension
4. Video Upload - Here you'll get a chance to prepare a 5 minute video of yourself answering 4/5 questions set by Anglian Water
5. Assessment Centre - Get to know us some more and meet like minded candidates, bring your A game as we'll be looking at what you can bring to the role. Depending on the latest government guidance, assessment centres could be hosted online rathe than face to face.
6. Outcome - we'll let you know the outcome no matter what. You can also request feedback if unsuccessful as we appreciate the time you have invested in our application process.

To start an apprenticeship with us, you’ll need to be:

-16 or over
-not in full-time education

As well as the above, you’ll ideally have a full UK driving license (or be working towards gaining one from your 17th Birthday) along with living approximately within 30 minutes from the advertised radius.

Most of our Apprenticeships start August & September 2022


We’re committed to supporting the learning and development of our people. We ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful and achieve their potential. It’s why we offer a flexible package of benefits, including these: