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Water is about harnessing potential.

It’s about exploring new opportunities. Rethinking how things are done. And training the talent of the future.

That’s why we work hard to design worthwhile apprenticeship schemes. They offer people like you the chance to gain skills, qualifications and experience as part of a team in a paid role within the business.

We believe these schemes are unique. And what makes them so is our total commitment to providing the development you need so you can make a real difference throughout your career with us.

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Our schemes

An apprenticeship is the best of both worlds – an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn a competitive salary without missing out on the chance to study (debt-free) for useful qualifications.

Our apprenticeships vary in terms of duration, salaries and the qualifications you’ll gain – but they all give you the chance to get your career with us off to a flying start.

If you’re not sure where your skills would best fit, why not try our quick quiz below? It will help you work out which of our apprenticeships will be the best match for you.

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Are You Anglian Water?

Maintenance/Asset Technician Apprenticeship

Maintenance/Asset Technician Apprenticeship

Qualification: Level 3 Maintenance and Operations Technician Apprenticeship

Join us on our 3-4 year Maintenance or Asset Technician Apprenticeship scheme, and the majority of your first year will be spent at a fully-expensed residential college. It’s an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people as you build your knowledge on instrumentation and develop your mechanical and electrical skills. After that, you’ll spend one week in four at college to reinforce your on-the-job learning.

Then as a fully qualified and multi skilled Maintenance or Asset Technician, you’ll be based on one of our clean water sites (Asset Technician) or one of our water recycling (sewage) sites (Maintenance Technician). You’ll maintain and repair the assets to make sure the equipment at our sites is always operational.

Maintenance Technician Apprentice

  • Carry out planned and reactive work
  • Report back on asset condition
  • Investigate faults
  • Identify and promote necessary asset enhancements to enable optimum performance
  • Minimise any disruption due to asset failure
  • Understand and work in accordance with the Anglian Water Safety Policy and comply with health and safety procedures


Asset Technician Apprentice

  • Evaluate the chemical dosing equipment to ensure optimised performance
  • Initiate software control processes and identify opportunities for performance improvement
  • Routine maintenance of assets
  • Interpret process results and make controlled adjustments
  • Create records for system improvements
  • Develop, encourage and foster good and safe working practices and work in accordance with the Company’s safety rules


Water Network Technician Apprenticeship

Water Network Technician Apprenticeship

Qualification: Level 3 Apprenticeship in Water Engineering: Distribution Control

On this 18-24 month apprenticeship, you’ll learn through a mixture of classroom study and on-the-job training. It’s an opportunity to get to grips with everything there is to know about our water network activities. You’ll be part of a critical team – people here are front-line ambassadors for our customers, ensuring we can deliver safe, clean water to homes and businesses across the region.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service whilst maintaining first-class water quality. As a fully-qualified Water Network Technician, you’ll be integral to that aim. Always reacting quickly to customer needs, you can expect to be responsible for:

  • Planned and reactive water network operation activities
  • Planned preventative maintenance on the water network
  • Leakage detection
  • Water regulations
  • Water quality


Check out our ‘Day in the Life’ video to discover more about our Water Network Technician Apprenticeships.

Leakage Technician Apprenticeship

Leakage Technician Apprenticeship

Qualification: Level 3 Apprenticeship in Water Engineering: Leakage Technician

Lasting for 18-24 months, this apprenticeship gives you a mix of classroom study and on-the-job training along with support from an experienced mentor and team.

We use a range of traditional and IT-based leakage equipment and techniques to detect leaks in our water network. This dramatically reduces bursts and minimises any disruption to our customers. As part of this industry-leading team, you’ll help us to quickly detect leaks and provide a first-class service to our customers.

You’ll achieve a nationally recognised qualification and, as a fully qualified Leakage Field Technician, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Carrying out leakage detection, including sounding, correlating and noise logging
  • Resolving leakage at customer properties
  • Helping other areas of the business to resolve difficult reactive and proactive leaks both during the day and at night
  • Making leakage repairs
  • Maintaining all detection systems and equipment


Check out our ‘Day in the Life’ video to discover more about our Leakage Technician Apprenticeships.

What we look for

We look for people who’ll enjoy learning whilst taking on a job with real responsibilities. In terms of the specific entry requirements, these vary but we mostly look for people with five GCSEs at grades A*-C or 9-4 (or equivalent) including English and Maths.

What’s in it for you?

An apprenticeship with us is an opportunity to develop new skills by taking on real responsibilities. You’ll work alongside and learn from experienced colleagues as well as getting classroom-based training to support everything you do in your role.

We’ll pay you a salary and cover all your course fees too. The qualifications our apprentices study for vary from role to role but they’re all nationally recognised – you could even achieve a degree.

Being a successful utilities company takes lots of different people, all working hard to keep our water clean and readily available for our customers. That’s why we’re so passionate about recognising and rewarding the great work they do.

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We’re committed to supporting the learning and development of our people. We ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful and achieve their potential. It’s why we offer a flexible package of benefits, including these:

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Our apprentices take on real responsibilities, learning from experienced colleagues and getting classroom-based training to support everything they do in their job. You’ll get paid a salary and we cover all the course fees too. The qualifications our apprentices study for vary from role to role but they’re all nationally recognised.

Again, this varies depending on the role. To give you an example, on our 3-4 year Maintenance or Asset Technician Apprenticeship, most of the first year is spent at a fully-expensed residential college. And if you join us on our 18-24 month Water Network Technician Apprenticeship, you'll start straight out in the business, but will spend one week in four at a residential training centre (block release training).

All our apprentices get to meet like-minded people and build their knowledge, spending time at college to reinforce their on-the-job learning.

If our apprentices pass their programme and show us they have what it takes to do well in their day-to-day role, you'll be invited to take on a full-time role with us. The learning won’t end there though. We’re passionate about developing our people so we invest in your training and development throughout their careers.

There are lots and lots of reasons why people do apprenticeships with us, including to gain real-life practical experience – and to be paid for it, excellent training and the opportunity to study for a professional qualification without getting into debt.

Hear from our apprentices

Young man in jacket and tie standing by a door in an office
Information Services Degree Apprentice
Young woman in Anglian Water polo shirt standing in an office corridor
Leakage Technician Apprentice
Young woman in Anglian Water polo shirt and fleece coat standing in an office doorway
Leakage Field Technician Apprentice
Information Services Degree Apprentice

“Anglian Water first stood out to me because it’s rated the best company to work for in the UK. It felt like the kind of place I could see myself staying at for a long time and progressing, rather than just a stepping stone. It’s proven to be everything I thought and more.

I’m undertaking a Digital and Technology Degree Apprenticeship, which means I’m also going to Aston University alongside working.

“My apprenticeship has been highly rewarding – you can learn in a way that suits you, while exploring different business areas.”

My first placement is with the Digital Services team who develop solutions to tackle problems and make improvements within the business. They’ve given me real responsibility from day one. In fact, I’ve been asked to research DevSecOps and how Anglian Water could progress with it.

The business always supports us with workshops, courses and activities to ensure we’re getting a valuable experience. They understand that apprentices are important – bringing fresh minds full of potential allows Anglian Water to continue being innovative.”

Leakage Technician Apprentice

“I’m a Leakage Technician Apprentice currently undertaking a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship. It’s been a really good stepping stone for progression within Anglian Water.

Day-to-day, I help to spot potential leakages in our network before they’re visible or cause a disruption to customers. I’ve been given a lot of training with our equipment, so I use those and our resources to complete my tasks. It feels good to know we’re helping customers out.

 “Anglian Water is helping me to build a lifetime career.”

My manager, in particular, has always been there to push me in the right direction and has encouraged me to sign up for courses I’m interested in. The business wants you to learn beyond your job and develop. In fact, one of my proudest moments to date was being given the chance to be on the Future Leaders Board at Anglian Water.

Anglian Water is like a big family – there’s always someone there if you need help. Every day is interesting, rewarding and challenging (in a good way!).”

Leakage Field Technician Apprentice

“I joined Anglian Water as a Leakage Field Technician Apprentice. Before this, I actually worked as a Beauty Therapist for nearly five years but I wanted a total change.

Now, my day usually begins by checking my emails and the area I’ll be working in for the day. Once I’ve plotted out the area where I’m looking for leaks, I use our equipment to sound out leaks, pinpoint them and get the issue fixed.

“The apprenticeship is the perfect balance between classroom theory and practical field work.”

We’re taught a lot more than just how to find leaks, so you gain lots of knowledge about other business areas. You’re encouraged to grow with plenty of support along the way – my tutors and team are fantastic. And there’s no such thing as a silly question here.

Anglian Water put a lot of focus on work-life balance and positive mental health. The hours are fantastic too, I have so much more free-time in the evenings to pick up old hobbies.”

Our apprenticeship events

One of the best ways to find out if an apprenticeship with us would be the right path for you is to speak to us in person. We run and attend various events throughout the year, so why not come along to say hello and find out more?

Hints and tips

Here are a few hints and tips to help you make your application as strong as it can possibly be.

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Refine your CV

• Make sure your CV is up-to-date, with accurate dates and information – try to be concise (aim for two pages)

• When you’re talking about your work experience, tell us what you did in that role – bullet points are fine

• Make sure you meet our academic requirements – list the subjects you’ve taken along with your actual or predicted grades

• It’s a good idea to write a cover letter outlining why you’re interested in the role and highlighting any relevant information

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Do your research

• Find out about our business and apprenticeships, then do some thinking about how you’d fit in

• It’s also a good idea to do some research into our company – especially what we do and what’s involved in the area you’re interested in joining

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Take your time

• You can save your application as a draft, and return to it at any time before submission, which means you can take care to make it as good as possible

• Ask someone else to read through your application to catch any grammar and spelling mistakes you might have missed

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Prepare for your interview

• Your interview is likely to be competency based – look back at the skills and behaviours mentioned in the advert for the role you applied for and try to think of some examples where you’ve demonstrated them

• An interview should be a two-way conversation so prepare some questions that you’d like to ask us