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We're looking for tomorrow's leaders

If you join us on our two-year Graduate Programme, you can expect to be part of an inclusive team where you’ll play an instrumental role in helping raising awareness of the importance of water, making a difference to the communities we serve, protecting the environment and joining us on our journey to become a Net Zero Carbon business. Whether you’re collaborating with customers, your colleagues, or our communities, you’ll play your own part in building a secure future for our region’s water.

Our Graduate Programmes

Asset Management Graduate

What to expect?

As an Asset Management Graduate, you will have the opportunity to work with experts in the field, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and contribute to the preservation of one of our planet’s most precious resources.


You will be shaping the future of water industry asset management. You will participate in projects that involve optimising asset performance, utilising data-driven insights, and implementing sustainable practices. You will have the opportunity to dive into the world of data analytics and predictive maintenance. You will use your skills to analyse asset performance data and contribute to informed decision-making that enhances reliability and minimises downtime. You will be part of a team that ensures our assets operate efficiently through their lifecycle and contribute to maintenance, renewal, and replacement strategies that align with industry best practices.


Water Engineering Graduate

What to expect?

Engineering is in our world a broad term that can refer to different aspects of managing and preserving water resources. Your focus will be using your analytical and creative mindset to help us think outside the box about the best solution for long term sustainability.

Some engineers are involved with the provision of clean water, disposal of wastewater and sewage, and the prevention of flood damage. Others are specialized in water quality engineering, which deals with the theory, design, modelling and operation of biological and chemical wastewater and sludge treatment systems. Another branch of water engineering is hydraulic engineering, which is concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids, mainly water and sewage, and the design of structures that control water resources, such as dams, bridges, canals, and levees. Water engineering is influenced by various challenges and factors, such as global warming, aging infrastructure, population growth, living standards, water availability, and water safety.

Hear from our Graduates

Meet our graduates who are making a difference at Anglian Water

Graduate Leadership Trainee
2019 Graduate
Graduate Operational Leadership Trainee
2021 Graduate
2021 Graduate
2021 Graduate
2021 Graduate
Graduate Customer Leadership Trainee
Graduate Leadership Trainee

I chose Anglian water because I felt my values really aligned with the company values. Not only does Anglian Water have a great reputation on how well employees are treated, but it also does extensive work to increase environmental and social prosperity.  The 2-year rotational graduate scheme also appealed to me as a structured route towards leadership by gaining exposure to different parts of the business and the numerous opportunities to develop.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with every individual across the business, no matter what their role from front line operations to the office – which is quite impressive for such a large organisation. I also really enjoy the dynamic nature of operations, the endless learning opportunities, and the ability to make a difference. Every day is different.

Every 3-4 months we rotate placements on the graduate scheme. Our job is to embed ourselves within each team, build our technical knowledge and understand the operational challenges faced by our people, business and the environment – all of which contribute to building ourselves as a future leader.

Working hours are flexible, depending on the placement, and as graduates we manage our own time, so after a busy week on site you can organise time in the office to catch up on e-learning, and emails!

When I look back at my time on the graduate scheme so far, I can see how much I have grown in confidence already and I’m not even halfway through it! Doing a variety of things have pushed me out of my comfort zone from; quickly building rapport and relationships with new teams every 3-4 months, presenting and chairing team meetings, to public speaking in schools/in the community to encourage young people to work in STEM. Developing myself as an individual whether that’s through resilience, communication or technical skills, means I can give back to the people around me even more.

2019 Graduate

No two days are the same at Anglian Water while on the Graduate Programme, I could be having meetings and presenting work one day, and another day I could be discussing opportunities with stakeholders. There is a lot of diversity to the work you can do. 

The Graduate Programme is run over two years, where Graduates experience 3 to 6-month placements across the business. Supported along the way by an experienced Mentor and receiving constant training throughout. 

In my opinion the culture at Anglian Water is very collaborative and supportive. We provide a very important service to the community, but this can only be achieved through working together and always doing the right thing. 

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic I have been working from home. However, I have always felt well connected with my team through daily Zoom calls and business wide virtual events. Safety is at the forefront with Anglian Water and their policies throughout the Pandemic have always been focused around the wellbeing of staff. 

Graduate Operational Leadership Trainee

Anglian Water stood out to me as an exciting opportunity to do something a bit different to any of the career ideas I’d considered, previously. The idea of working in operations, and getting to move around and do placements in different operational areas of Anglian Water, struck me as a really valuable opportunity to gain wide-ranging knowledge and identify where my interests might lie. Another attracting factor was the opportunity for personal development throughout the scheme, such as coaching and training to aid on the journey to operational leadership.

I enjoy the huge variety of things I get to experience! I’ve loved spending time out with the work technicians, understanding the work they do, and learning how sites such as our Water Recycling Centres function. Then on the other side of this, attending meetings, focusing more on the management of these sites and teams, has helped me gain a really holistic view of operations. I feel like I’ve been able to pick up so much knowledge in a short space of time from all the experiences I’ve had, and the connections I’ve made.

Each day varies, depending on what’s occurring operationally, and what placement I’m on. I tend to spend the first few weeks of a new placement out with the team’s technicians seeing the work they’re doing out in the region.  After this I’ll work alongside the manager and support manager for the team. This involves supporting them with their work, understanding their role, interacting with the team and running with projects and tasks.

Anglian Water are always flexible with working hours if it’s needed, and everyone’s really understanding of any personal circumstances. No one expects you to take your work home with you either, and work out of hours.

As I’ve started taking on more responsibilities, and built up my operational knowledge it’s given me increased confidence to put my opinion across, take more of an active role in meetings and present to larger groups of people. Receiving strengths coaching, attending training focused on areas such as giving presentations and the hugely supportive workforce at Anglian Water has undeniably also helped me to achieve this.

2021 Graduate

Growing up I had friends whose parents worked for Anglian Water. They exhibited what job satisfaction looked like and this was substantiated by their children following in their footsteps and pursuing careers with Anglian Water.

Initially, it was the good company reputation that made me want to apply for a role, but as I began to research the company further, I saw that the company values aligned with my own.

I had spent 11 years working for the emergency services but progression routes were lacking. Following the lockdown I was ready for a career change. I wanted to develop in a fast paced, operational environment where I could learn new skills and also demonstrate proficiencies that I had previously developed. I saw potential in the Anglian Water graduate scheme because I have always been hands-on, willing to learn and keen to help others.

Prior to joining Anglian Water, I studied BSc in Mathematics at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, followed by a PGCE in Secondary Maths Education.

Whilst at university I devoted much of my spare time to being a Retained Firefighter at my local fire station. Upon the completion of my Teacher Training, I was offered an opportunity to follow Firefighting wholetime.

Since joining Anglian Water, the Graduate Scheme has provided ample opportunity to experience various roles within the company. To date, I have worked alongside and learned from multiple leaders and skilled technicians within the business areas of Water Supply, Networks and Optimisation. In addition, I have joined Anglian Water Force, volunteering to work in the Incident Room during times of emergency and have worked to develop fund raising activities for AW’s chosen Charity WaterAid.

As a Graduate Management Trainee my role is ever evolving, through a dynamic and accelerated program to future leadership. The role is varied and often depends upon the placement that I am contributing to. Day-to-day activities may including presenting, people management, leading projects, or getting hands on with technicians in the field.

I am one year into my journey with Anglian Water on the Graduate Scheme and I can honestly say that it has been the best career decision. Everyone involved with the scheme is devoted to ensuring that you can become the best version of yourself. The scheme is highly respected across the business and welcomes people from all backgrounds.

Anglian Water encourages the development of great professional relationships. Tasks that can initially seem challenging are often made manageable through a supportive network of peers. There is a culture of empowerment and opportunity that allows personal development with true meaning and purpose.

The benefits that Anglian Water offer are excellent. Employees are entitled to private healthcare, dental plans, cycle to work, Vitality health insurance, employee assistance program, a number of saving schemes as well as a generous pension scheme and competitive salary. The benefits available are testament to the value that AW has for its people. Personally I have used the Private Healthcare scheme to rehabilitate a back injury. The company, my line management and peers have been so supportive during the period of recovery.

Anglian Water offer fantastic development and investment to their employees. As a Graduate, we receive 1-2-1 professional coaching in addition to regular catch-ups with our peers; program manager; placement managers and mentors. We hold a Graduate Forum every quarter where we learn from business leaders. We develop further skills through a series of online and in-person training events and we support the wider Water industry through a young professional’s coalition with Global Omnium and Vitens.

I would recommend Anglian Water as an employer. Indeed, I often find myself recommending Anglian Water to my friends and family who express an interest in a career change. To whoever may be reading this, I recommend AW to you too!

2021 Graduate

I’ve worked at Anglian Water for a year now as a Graduate Leadership Trainee. I applied for the role because I’ve always had a passion for the environment and sustainability. I was able to focus on this at university and after graduation I knew I wanted to work for a company with sustainability at its core.

So far on the programme I’ve spent 10 months with different operational teams. This has given me a frontline understanding of how the business responds to events such as burst mains and pollutions. I’ve also had the chance to work in the Carbon Neutrality team which has allowed me to develop a completely different set of skills.

That’s what I love about this scheme. You’re given many different ‘hats’ to try on, and from that you can work out where you want to go with a career at Anglian Water. There’s not just one path to follow.

Additionally, there’s so much support available to you. It really is a development programme rather than an entry level job. We have had coaching alongside placements to develop our strengths, as well as a mentor who is someone with lots of experience in the industry. Plus, you are given the opportunity to take a wide range of training courses, this can be anything from ‘Communication for Managers’ to ‘Confined Spaces training’.

I highly recommend the graduate programme. Not only is it a great development scheme, but it is also at a company with a brilliant culture. Everyone I’ve worked with has been so supportive and welcoming.

2021 Graduate

Autonomy and responsibility have always been high on my list of priorities, wanting to influence change, support people, and generally make ‘waves’. In the year I have been on Anglian Water’s graduate programme, I have been empowered to achieve these.

Since I have been on the programme, I have spent time in Water Metering (IMDS), Water Networks (WN), Water Recycling Networks (WRN) and most recently Treatment. My various placement managers organised work shadowing, involvement in projects, and more recently assisting with leadership tasks.

This exposure has broadened my understanding of the challenges our teams face, and will put me in good stead to approach leadership opportunities.

I wanted to join Anglian Water due to aligned values such as encouraging curiosity and building trust, as well as wanting to positively impact our environment. I feel I have been able to live these.

Moreover, the graduate programme is highly regarded within the business, which I felt could provide me with a greater platform to achieve my goals.

What makes Anglian Water stand out is the support the People Development team help build. From a monthly coach, who helped me work through challenges, and guide to build on my strengths, to the mentors and line managers, who assist with their own experiences within the business, and a close graduate cohort, who all support each other and create a safe space to develop.

Having this support has created an environment where I make sure to challenge, to question, to embrace every experience and throw myself in headfirst.

Some of the best experiences I have had have been heading into the unknown, and it’s great I’ve felt empowered to do that.

2021 Graduate

Since joining Anglian Water as a graduate in 2021, not one day has been the same. When looking at potential graduate jobs this was a key factor in my decision. I wanted to ensure that my future job would have variance and an ability to spend time both in an office and out on site. The operational graduate scheme at Anglian water has fulfilled this and more by offering an incredibly high level of autonomy and flexibility.

Prior to joining the scheme, I had been at Northumbria University for 4 years studying for a BSc in Psychology followed by an MSc in Business with Management. I was slightly apprehensive to apply for a job at a water company considering I had little experience in the industry and my educational background didn’t seem to perfectly align.

However, Anglian Water have encouraged diversity of thinking since day one whilst also providing a great environment for me to learn the systems and processes on site.

I am moving towards the half-way point of the 2-year scheme and since starting I have completed placements in Bioresources, Water Recycling Treatment, Leakage and Water Quality with a future placement in the SMART programme lined up.

The placement structure of the graduate program allows us to develop a good knowledge of many different aspects of the business, creating a holistic view and allowing us to find which areas most interest us. It also results in a large network of people which we can go to for advice and explore potential future opportunities with.

My favourite aspect of the scheme is the strong graduate community which we have formed. When starting a new career, it is extremely reassuring to be supported by people who are going through, or have been through, a similar journey to yourself.

There is not one problem or challenge I have faced alone, and we really are in it together. I would highly recommend the scheme to anyone with a curious mind, a desire to lead people and who wants to learn something new every day.


Graduate Customer Leadership Trainee

In September 2023, I started working as a graduate customer leadership trainee with Anglian Water. I’ve always been concerned about my environment and its resources. Joining Anglian Water provided an opportunity to work with a team that is environmentally concerned and has effective management abilities for such an important resource. Additionally, my research on Anglian reveals that it is a corporation that prioritises its customers.

I was just about to conclude my postgraduate study in management science when my university’s career department sent me the link to the Anglian Water graduate position. The graduate job advertisement stated that graduates will move around the business to learn firsthand the nitty gritty of what the business is all about and develop a knowledge base and transferable personal skills. I saw this as an opportunity to learn from deeply rooted professionals within the business and be at the cutting edge of the industry.  

The hiring process was one of the best and most candidate-friendly I’ve ever encountered, and I could tell from the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Anglian Water hiring team that I’d love to be a part of the Anglian Water family.  

I am currently on my second placement and have been pleasantly surprised by how supportive placement managers have been. I have been invited to meetings with top industry leaders who were more than willing to answer any questions I had and share their years of experience, but most importantly, they were eager to listen to me and hear my perspective on business strategies and opportunities. I got the opportunity to meet and chat with the CEO before to my start date.  

Anglian Water has promoted equality, diversity, and inclusion, which is evident in how employees interact with one another and in their employment process. I urge that you apply today to an organisation that celebrates your differences, supports your ambition, encourages your goals, and listens to your voice while bringing environmental and social prosperity to the region.

What we look for

As well as a 2:2 degree (any disciplines welcome), you should support the sustainability of our business, and bring plenty of drive for helping us shape the future of our industry.

You’ll have a real passion for engaging, inspiring and motivating others as their Leader.

Being a natural leader, you’ll have the ability to form strong working relationships, networking and effectively leading and motivating.

We’re also looking for a flexible approach and a full, UK driving licence as you’ll need to travel and sometimes relocate between placements.


A guide to our recruitment process

Step 1

Fill in our online Application Form, including your CV and a number of application questions. Our in-house recruitment team will spend time shortlisting all the applications.

Step 2

If you are shortlisted, you will then be invited to complete an online situational judgement test to assess your managerial judgement. This takes approximately 25 minutes in total, and you will need access to a laptop or desktop to complete this. This stage is designed to assess your potential leadership, looking at your ability to weigh up real life management situations and decide on the most appropriate and effective ways of handling them.

Step 3

If you are successful with the online test, you’ll then be invited to attend an short video interview. This will be your opportunity to express your passion and interest for our programme, as well as showing us more about you.

Step 4

The next stage will be a face to face assessment centre where you will meet like-minded candidates and a number of assessors from around the business. Activities are likely to include a presentation and a group activity. All candidates who make it to this stage of the process will be full briefed about what to expect in advance of the assessment centre.

Step 5

The final stage in our selection process is an Interview with a panel of interviewers, including our Early Careers Talent Manager.

Did you know...

Our Chief Executive, Peter Simpson started out as an Anglian Water Graduate?

I joined as a Graduate Management Trainee in Operations back in 1989 having worked as a Chemist for Anglian the previous year. I wanted to work for a business which made a difference and have enjoyed watching the company and employees grow over the years to the inspiring organisation it is today. At the start of your career you get many pieces of advice. Mine is simple, remember that organisations function through relationships, with trust as the glue, so right at the outset treat everyone how you’d like to be treated yourself and in that way you’ll develop an amazing network of colleagues who will support you throughout your career.  Live our values and have fun.

Our journey to Net Zero Carbon!

Learn about how we are working to achieve our long term climate change targets!


Everything you need to know about becoming a future leader

At Anglian Water, we recognise that a diverse workforce needs an inclusive environment to flourish and that is why inclusion is embedded within our working culture and recruitment practices; we have a thriving Inclusion Community which is open to all our colleagues and we continually work to educate and raise awareness and to review our practices. We ensure that merit, competence and potential are the basis for all recruitment decisions. For our graduate Leadership programme, we are looking to recruit candidates with future potential and in the early stages of the process are testing for that potential through our online situational judgement test ‘Graduate Scenarios’. This is a unique managerial judgement test to specifically assess judgement in graduates who may have limited work experience to draw on.

Our Chief Executive, Peter Simpson, champions our diversity and inclusion strategy:

“Inclusion is vital to the success of our organisation. Having a wealth of people from different backgrounds and with different experiences introduces new ways of thinking which in turn informs the ways in which we work. Challenging our thinking and decision-making helps us to continually improve and outperform against our targets. It also better reflects our region and the customers and communities that we serve every single day.”

Yes absolutely. We encourage applications from anyone with a 2:2 or higher degree under their belt. We welcome applications from all walks of life!

At Anglian Water, we cover the largest geographical area in England and Wales. Our huge region stretches from the Humber estuary, north of Grimsby, to the Thames estuary, and from Buckinghamshire to Lowestoft on the east coast.

After an initial induction period at one of our offices or sites, you’ll then progress through a series of rotational placements which could be based at any of our sites or offices. And because we also hold meetings and run training courses throughout the region, it’s important that you’re flexible about your location.

Why not take a look at our fantastic employee reviews on Glassdoor? In 2019 we ranked the top spot! It would also be beneficial to review our case studies on this page just above! There is some great information available here.

Click here to see what our employees say

You will be offered an interest free loan of £5,000.00 when your contract of employment commences. This is to aid you with any student debts, setting up home, etc, but it is optional and you may declinethe offer if you so wish.

In addition, as a Graduate Trainee your placements will change on a regular basis. You will be expected to temporarily relocate if it is unrealistic to travel on a daily basis to the new location. Whilst on the Graduate Programme, you may claim up to £2,500 to help with the costs of relocation.

In order to fully perform the duties of your role, if you do not already hold a full driving licence, you must obtain
one within 3 months of the start date of your employment, and then maintain a full driving licence during the course of your employment.

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