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Hints & tips

We want to ensure we set you up for success!

If you have seen a role you’re interested in, or just wanted to get prepared, consider looking at this page before submitting your application.

We have helped to prepare some useful hints and tips from updating your CV, right through to interview stage!

Hints & Tips

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Take Your Time

Our job adverts are normally open for at least a week or so. It's worth bearing in mind that you can save your application as a draft, and return to it at any time before submission, which means you can take care to make it as good as possible!

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Do Your Research

Have you studied our company website?

What are our company goals?

Have you checked out the business area you're apply for?

Write down some facts you found interesting

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Preparing for an interview

Think of some questions you'd like to ask the interview panel

Prepare your responses

Prepare your interview outfit the night before

Get a good nights sleep

Make sure to check the location of your interview on your confirmation email

Set off in plenty of time to the destination (even do a test run a few days before if you're unsure of exact location)

Be sure to re read your confirmation email as their will be documentation you need to bring along

Remember you are able to take in notes!

Practice and prepare answering potential questions that may come up

Most importantly, be yourself!

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Refining Your CV - What to include?

Your details
Include your name, address. Plus an up to date phone number and email address

Personal statement
2 or 3 sentence overview - your skills, your exceptional qualities. Ideally no more than 50 words

Work experience
In reverse chronological order with the last or current job mentioned first. Be sure to include dates when you started and left to show your total length of service with an employer

Additional training
Technical or soft skills

Educational qualifications
Including date achieved

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Refining Your CV - Top Tips

Clear and simple layout - keep to two pages of A4. It should be clear to anyone reading your CV where to find the information with enough ‘white space’

Remove all unnecessary information and lose the jargon

Use action words and facts/figures to demonstrate the outcome of your responsibility or achievement

Sell yourself – what are your unique qualities, skills and experience that make you stand out from the crowd

Put emphasis on your experience

Don’t leave unexplained gaps – if you had a career break to travel or raise a family, explain what skills or experience you gained from this

Don’t make mistakes – check your spelling and grammar meticulously. Ask a family member or friend to proof read it too.

Good luck!

Application process

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Application process
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