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Adjustments in the Recruitment Process


At Anglian Water, we’re committed to giving everyone equal access to our recruitment process. If you have a disability or long-term condition, including neurodiversity and mental health conditions, we’ll support you throughout your application, and make any adjustments to make sure your disability or long-term condition is not a barrier to recruitment.

If you have any challenges with your application, whether at application, assessment centre or interview stage, and require additional support, please speak with a member of our recruitment team, who will be able to support you.

Making the application process more accessible

  • We have installed the ReciteMe tool on our Careers site, to increase accessibility of the information contained on the site
  • Our job adverts can be made available in a number of different formats, please contact us to request a more accessible format
  • We advertise our roles through partners, such as Jobs4Disability, who we work with to ensure we are attracting the best people, regardless of background
  • Disability status of the candidate is requested as part of the application. This is voluntary and you do not need to disclose this information. The information is not passed on to the Hiring Manager, meaning any disclosure would not form part of any decision making during your application
  • Our Interview panels undergo Interview training and unconscious bias training. Our interviews are a mixture of technical and behavioural questions, emphasising decision making based on suitability, rather than characteristics
  • Many roles offer hybrid and flexible working, supporting those with accessibility challenges or those who would benefit from more flexible working hours

What are adjustments?

Employers must make adjustments to make sure people with disabilities or physical or mental health conditions are not substantially disadvantaged when applying for jobs.

The Equality Act states that there is a duty to make reasonable adjustments if you’re placed at a substantial disadvantage because of your disability or health condition, compared with non-disabled people or people who don’t share your disability. Substantial means more than minor or trivial.

Should you feel that you would benefit from any adjustments, please contact us at

If you are unsure what your assessment or interview involves, please contact us and we will be happy to provide more information about what to expect on the day, to help inform you whether you may require adjustments to be made.

How can we support you?

Employee Testimony

I have worked at Anglian Water for 12 years and all this time I have had a bowel condition and recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

The support from the company I have received over the years has become amazing, the company has provided me with tools to help manage my conditions, such as:

  • Health & Safety Breaks if my conditions became too much
  • Shift Slides – flexibility on shift times if needed
  • Set shifts
  • Well-being Breaks
  • A Sit-Stand desk so I am able to use my desk either sitting down or standing up to ensure I am comfortable at work
  • Specially designed mouse
  • Quiet room (Zen Den / Prayer Room)
  • Reduced my hours when my conditions worsened
  • Walking 1-2-1’s with my manager rather than sitting in a room
  • Ability to work from home

The company also provide a lot of Health webinars which provide lots of hints and tips and help to educate people about conditions to help support colleagues. I recently had the opportunity to have a secondment as a Team Leader for 6 months. During this time the support I required was different and the company were very quick to adapt to continue supporting me.

Not once have I ever felt pressured to come into work on a bad day. Anglian Water’s approach to me has always been “what can we do to support you?”

Julie McKenna – Call Centre Agent


Adjustments are changes we can make to the recruitment process if you have a disability or long-term condition which places you at a disadvantage, compared to other candidates.

The purpose of the adjustment is to remove or reduce any disadvantage experienced, due to a disability or health condition? What adjustment is necessary is specific to an individual's specific requirements.

Adjustments will be made, where it is reasonable to do so. Considerations on reasonableness include; the disability or long-term condition experienced, the nature of the adjustment, as well as the ability to provide the adjustment.
If you are in any doubt, please contact our recruitment department and they will work with you to see how we can assist your request.

Yes, you do. Many candidates who are entitled to adjustments never ask for them; this is largely because they either have a long-term condition, but they do not consider themselves to be disabled, or because they have not been diagnosed with a medical condition.

If you have a condition or an impairment, which you believe places you at a disadvantage in the recruitment process, please contact our recruitment team, who will be able to assist with your suitability for adjustments.

You are entitled to keep your health condition confidential if you wish. However, if you would like us to make an adjustment, you will need to provide us with sufficient information to carry out that adjustment.

Anything disclosed to our recruitment team will be treated with the strictest confidence and with sensitivity when coordinating any adjustments.

No. Any health condition disclosed as part of the request for adjustments, will not form any part of the decision-making process. We encourage our candidates to disclose any requirements they have, because we want to make sure we recruit the best people. An important part of this is ensuring those who face disadvantages, due to a disability or long-term condition, are given the same level of opportunity to showcase their ability as anyone else.

• An interview location which is easily accessible
• An accessible parking space to be made available
• An alternative form of interview. For example, face to face or via Microsoft Teams
• Arrange for the interview or assessment to take place at a certain time of day
• Adjusted lighting in the interview or assessment room

• A pre-interview meeting with the interview panel or to the site of the interview or assessment
• A reduction in the number of interviewers or assessors
• Arrange for a supporter to join you in the interview

• Sign language interpreter
• Loop systems

Access to Work Request

• Extra time for the interview or assessments
• An opportunity for a break during the interview
• Arranging to provide written answers to interview questions
• Arranging to use notes or visual prompts in the interview
• Arranging any large amounts of reading, for example a scenario or case study, to be sent in advance

There are a number of adjustments we can make to assist your visit to one of our sites. To help us understand your needs and make adjustments for you, please contact us and we will work with you to ensure any barriers to accessibility are removed.

To request an adjustment to be made, or for more information on whether you would qualify, please contact our recruitment team on

Contact our recruitment team

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