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Employee Benefits

At Anglian Water our people are at the heart of our business, and we want them to feel appreciated for the great work they do. That’s why we offer a variety of core and flexible employee benefits to suit different needs

Core benefits for our employees

Below is a selection of the core benefits our people receive. All employees receive these benefits, with some of them available for employees to exchange for alternative schemes These can be replaced with other benefits, helping give our people a choice on what they want to use and how it fits to their lifestyle.

Private Healthcare Scheme

We are one of the few companies in the country that provide private healthcare for all their people We believe the key to our success is our employees, and it is essential to keep them fit, well and healthy.

You will automatically be enrolled into the Gold cover in the healthcare scheme, after you have been employed by Anglian Water for at least two months.

You can choose to exchange your Gold Healthcare cover during the annual benefit window for other well-being benefits, if you feel this would be more appropriate to your situation. The flexible Wellbeing allowance system means you can do this by reducing your cover from Gold to Silver and using the difference in value for other wellbeing benefits, to use within the 12 months.

Included in the healthcare cover is access to our Employee Assistance Programme and Virtual GP services.

Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme provides a confidential advice, information and support service for all Anglian Water employees and their immediate household family members. The free to use service provides a number of ways to suit your households needs. This may be over the phone, online, or a face-to-face setting close to your work or home.

The Assistance Programme can be contacted for support on anything that matters to you, such as; family and relationship advice; emotional wellbeing; anxiety and depression; substance abuse; separation and divorce; bereavement and loss; retirement; moving home; consumer rights; childcare; as well as many other areas which users may need assistance with.

Virtual GP

Our employee's private healthcare scheme provides a GP service to our people and their immediate household members. People can book a video or telephone call with an experienced GP at a time which suits them.

The service allows the GP to diagnose patients remotely, issue prescriptions and make referrals, if required. The service is a great way to provide quick and easy access to a GP appointment for the whole household.

Pension Scheme

A defined contribution pension allows you to save towards your retirement; both you and Anglian Water make contributions on a monthly basis. We double the contribution made by our employees towards their pension, to a maximum of 12%. For example, employees who contribute 6% of their pay towards their pension, we will contribute 12% towards your pension savings.

We also offer employees the opportunity to make enhanced payments towards their pension, should they wish. Our people are auto-enrolled at a starting rate of 3%.

Personal Accident Scheme

Our employees are provided with Personal Accident cover as standard. In the unfortunate case of injury, death or disablement at any time, whether you are on company business or not, a lump sum is paid in line with the scheme rules. Anglian Water pays for this cover on behalf of the employee.

The current scheme pays a tax-free lump sum, and the amount of cover is based on five times your annual salary at the time of the accident, including regular overtime and bonus. A percentage of this amount is paid, according to the severity of the injury.

Employee Life Cover

Life cover helps you to protect your family's future by paying out a cash sum in the event of your death, whether you are on Company business or not.

All Anglian Water employees are automatically covered by this benefit at no extra cost to themselves.

On the event of death whilst an employee, a lump sum will become payable to your beneficiaries. For most employees, this amount is equal to 8 times their basic annual salary.

Variable benefits

We want the benefits we offer our people to fit with their circumstances, that’s why we offer flexibility within our rewards. Flexible benefits are optional additions, paid through a monthly premium direct from your pay, to the core benefits package.  

We offer a number of employee benefits which colleagues can buy with deductions taken from their monthly pay or as a one-off payment, which are designed to enhance health and wellbeing, protect family members and/or save money on the things you want to enjoy outside of work.

Healthcare - Family (PHC)

Family health insurance is a great way to safeguard the health of your partner and your children if they become ill and need treatment. Family health insurance provides protection for the family allowing you to bypass lengthy NHS waiting times and receive appointments and treatments quickly.

This benefit can provide discounted family health cover. Payments are deducted from employees pay each month, via a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Dental Scheme

Dental Insurance enables you and your family to claim for all, or part, of the cost of dental treatment you receive. It works in the same way as other insurance policies; you pay a monthly premium directly from your pay.

From routine examinations and scaling through to extensive work like crowns, bridges and dentures, using any dentist you like – either NHS or private.

There are different levels of cover to meet your needs, with discounted premiums specifically for Anglian Water employees.

Gym and Health Club Membership

To support a healthy lifestyle, this benefit, this benefit lets you purchase gym and health club memberships at discounted corporate rates from a wide range of health clubs, gyms and leisure centres across the UK. In addition the scheme also offers discounts on activity trackers, spa breaks, nutritional supplements, health food deliveries, home gym equipment and big sports clothing brands.

There is an extensive Gym Flex network of participating clubs and gyms.

The cost of the membership will be taken from your monthly pay as part of salary sacrifice.

Cycle 2 Work

Cycle2Work lets you hire a bike through Anglian Water.

The scheme was introduced by the Government to promote a healthier, environmentally-friendly journey to work. Cycling to work can save money, drastically improve your health and reduce the strain placed on the roads by traffic.

The scheme is administered by Halfords. You can spend up to £2,000 on a new bike and equipment. This is an anytime benefit, you can apply for this benefit at any time during the year. The cost will be deducted from your pay via salary sacrifice in 12 instalments.


Tastecard is a benefit to help with the things you want to do outside of work. It is the secret ingredient that saves you money when you do the things you love with the people you love.

With discounts on dining, movies, attractions, takeaways, online shopping, fitness and more. The cost will taken from you as a one-off payment. We offer 2,3 and 4 year membership options.

Low Emissions Car Scheme

To support our purpose to reduce the environmental impact of the things we do, we offer our people an opportunity to enter a scheme for a new Electric or Hybrid car. The arrangement allows you to sacrifice some of your salary before it gets taxed, in exchange for the use of a brand new, fully maintained electric or hybrid car.

Under the scheme you will need to pay Benefit in Kind tax, as the car is provided as a benefit by your employer.

Buy or Sell Annual Leave

It is important to have time away from work to recharge batteries and focus on your own wellbeing.

You might like extra annual leave for all sorts of reasons; the chance to spend more time with your family, special holidays, time to complete a special project of your own or generally improve your wellbeing. It’s all about giving you choice and flexibility. Alternatively, you may want to use less than your full leave entitlement and have the opportunity to exchange some for extra salary. It’s all about giving you choice and flexibility.

You can buy or sell up to 37 hours (5 days) annual leave (pro rata for part time employees and employees who work more than 37 hours a week). You must discuss your selection with your manager/scheduler before you select this benefit, and your allowance must not fall under the statutory minimum of 20 days per year.

Payments will be deducted over 12 months starting from your April pay of the new annual leave year.

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