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Operational and scientific roles

Water is a refreshingly different career.

Water is a technical business. We not only have to find the best, most sustainable ways to get clean water from the source to customers’ taps, we also have to find ways to treat sewage and recycle as much as we can.

All of that means we need Technicians on hand to fix anything that goes wrong (repairing leaks as quickly as possible is vital for us) as well as carrying out planned maintenance. We have science-based roles – people who regularly test the quality of our water to make sure it’s up to scratch. Then there are our drivers – they make sure everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

All of this means we have a breadth of roles in this area, from Specialist Technicians in areas like Maintenance and Assets through to Samplers and LGV Drivers.

A day in the life at an Anglian Water laboratory

Female in lab environment in lab coat and gloves transferring liquid into a funnel

What we look for

You’re likely to need a relevant qualification. To join us as a Technician, you’re likely to have completed an apprenticeship and achieved NVQs, City & Guilds or an ONC/BTEC.

For scientific roles, such as Analysts and Water Samplers, it’s likely that you will need a scientific qualification or have a background in a scientific role.

And to join us as an LGV Driver, you should have a Class 1 Driving Licence (C+E) along with a fully-completed driver CPC.

In every area, you’ll need a willingness to train so you can learn how to apply your skills to the water industry, and to our specific equipment and assets. We look for people who are reliable and professional with great communication and customer service skills too – you’ll be interacting with a range of colleagues and, potentially, end customers. Flexibility is important especially because, for some of these roles, you’ll need to join our standby rota.

A typical day

Emma – Driver


Organising the day

This is when a usual day starts for me. I go to the site office to collect my lorry keys and the day’s job sheet, then I’ll put my things in the lorry, complete daily safety checks and have a look at the tasks for the day.


Meeting other colleagues

I’m off to meet a site operative at a pumping station. It’s my role to maintain a wet well level so they can carry out some routine pump maintenance works while maintaining services to our customers.


Non-routine emergencies

I am called to a non-routine job where a sewage pipe had been damaged by a machine operator on a new housing development. I am part of a team of four tankers, several site operatives and maintenance technicians as well as a jetting crew.

Hear from our people

Smiling woman leaning against a windowsill in a conference room
Analytical Services Manager
Shot of a man in a high vis coat and hygienic gloves leaning against an old wall at a treatment facility
High Pressure Water Jetter Operator
Head and torso shot of a man in a high vis top leaning against an Anglian Water van
Intensive Leakage Investigation Technician
Analytical Services Manager

“It wasn’t just the role of Life Science Manager that attracted me to Anglian Water. It was also the good pension, the better work-life balance, and the great reputation of the business.

I decided to move to my current role because it’s more strategic and I like seeing the bigger picture – how the laboratory fits into the wider business. I deliver strategic-level initiatives that link wider business needs throughout the lab, both operationally and culturally.

“My proudest moment was getting my Chartership status with the Institute of Water.”

We all have registration with a professional body here in the labs, and we take pride in our continued professional development. Anglian Water has also helped me to further my knowledge with a Diploma in Leadership and Management.

This is a forward-thinking company that’s not afraid of change, but it also has a down-to-earth culture. It engages with customers and employees alike on their thoughts and opinions. It’s like a large family with a very customer-orientated approach.”

High Pressure Water Jetter Operator

“One of the main attractions of Anglian Water for me was the benefits. Especially the pension and healthcare – there’s also the job security.

My role in Anglian Water has always involved pressure water jetting. It’s what we use to clear the majority of blockages caused by things like fats and non-dissolvable wipes. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of resolving issues that can cause problems for properties and people.

The flooding back in 2005 in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft was very traumatic for everyone affected. Anglian Water pulled in resources from all areas to help people who were unfortunately flooded. It was challenging for us all, but I was working with some wonderful colleagues.

“I’ve been involved in everything from rescuing distressed animals through to using my first aid training in road traffic accidents.”

Most of our work is preventative maintenance but we’re always on hand to respond to emergency work when needed. Our job is to keep the sewers running free which prevents flooding and pollutions, protecting the environment, wildlife and the property of our customers.

I have many happy memories – hopefully with many more to come.”

Intensive Leakage Investigation Technician

“I came across Anglian Water when I was employed as a contractor working on the leakage contract. I saw first-hand how much training and investment they give to each employee. I also liked the idea of working on more advanced equipment and being part of the Intensive Leakage team.

Every day is different here. Some days I work by myself, and sometimes we go out as a small team to find hidden and hard-to-find leaks.

“We’re like a big extended family. Everyone looks out for one another – we’re focused on safety, wellbeing and work-life balance.”

As for the training, in a word, it’s excellent. We have multiple training sites across our region and I’m impressed by the amount of investment. We have a fantastic training rig of a water main set up that’s linked to a computer so you can see how opening and closing valves can cause damage to our water network.

We have training centres in colleges and, on several sites, we’ve made and buried a complete set-up of water main pipes for training.

Every day is challenging, but the satisfaction I get far outweighs the efforts it took to get there.”

Male in high vis jacket pushing buttons on machine in water treatment centre

Our locations

We have opportunities throughout our region – here are just some below.