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Water park roles

Water is exploring the great outdoors.

Our water parks play a hugely important role in helping us deliver clean water for our customers. They also provide recreational activities for many thousands of people, conserve and enhance our region’s natural riches and help us meet our goal of making a positive difference to the communities we serve.

We have seven water parks across our region. With everything from cafés and water sports to fishing and camping, they’re a hub of activity – and a great place to work if you’d love to offer top-notch customer service in beautiful surroundings.


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Our roles

Our roles here include Lifeguards, Water Sports Instructors, Café staff, Naturalists and Park Assistants.

For many of these roles, you’ll primarily be working during our busiest periods – especially at weekends and the school holidays. Some roles are seasonal (April to September) and even permanent positions give you real flexibility over your hours.

For some, like Rangers, you’ll be working on-site all year long.

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Close up shot of Normanton Church at Rutland Water

Hear from our people

Weddings, Events & Visitor Services Assistant
William Kirstein
Park Manager
Harry Waye-Barker
Head Ranger
Weddings, Events & Visitor Services Assistant

A major attraction to Anglian Water was the social aspect, I had come from a different company where I didn’t have many co-workers however, I now have so many great co-workers which really makes the job enjoyable and fun and everyone really does get on so well and work well as a team.

The main factor that attracted me to my job role was the weddings side as I love seeing people happy and helping them plan their big day however over time the retail side has taught me so many great customer service skills and has been really fun. The idea that I’m not doing the same thing every day and that my job is vary varied was a big attraction as I knew it would keep me on my toes and stay very exciting.

My job is very varied and I’m never really doing the same thing. I work in both retail at the Visitor Centre which involves helping customers and giving them information about Rutland Water and assisting them in purchasing of gifts within the shop and doing any admin for the site; which can involve just daily and monthly site checks or ordering new products for the shop. I also am fully trained in the car parking system, so I can help visitors out if they have any issues with the pay stations or barriers which is a massive help on a busy day.

On the other side of my job I also do the weddings and help couples book the church, plan their big day, assist in any question they may have and then actually take part and help at the wedding over at the church. This involves getting the church ready and setting up all the decorations and making sure it is all presentable. Then I go and make sure the guests are greeted upon arrival and know where they need to go and then making sure the couple are okay and helping them with any last-minute things. After that I just make sure I’m on hand if anyone need anything or has a question. It is truly so rewarding helping someone plan their wedding and then seeing it all go ahead and how happy everyone is.

So far there has been no major challenges that I’ve had to face however the summer months, especially August, can get so incredibly busy in the Visitor Centre with the shop and the car parking so it is really hands on but you do feel really good at the end of the day with everything you get done.

I’d have to say my proudest moment is probably when I got a phone call from one of our brides who rang to thank me for all the help with their wedding and making their day so amazing. It truly made me feel so special and that my work has helped make a difference in someone’s life.

The training has been really great, its forever on going which is great as it means I’m always learning new skills and developing old ones. It has really helped with my customer service skills and helped me to be more confident in myself and how I talk to others.

My experience so far has truly been amazing as I have learnt so many new skills and met so many incredible people.

I have learnt so many new skills that I can use not only in my job but also in everyday life. I am now so much more confident in talking to people face to face and also over the phone. I am overall a much more outgoing person since joining the Rutland Water team. Since my time with the Anglian Water I have been able to meet so many great people both as co-workers and visitors to the park. This has really developed my people skills as I feel like I have been able to be very patient, helpful and can communicate effectively with everyone. I feel that I have a great understanding of the park and this allows me to aid visitors with any questions they might have. Since my time with the company I have developed so many various new skills from things such as be able to operate a powerboat to developing my IT skills whilst doing site admin.

William Kirstein
Park Manager

From the get-go I knew a career working with nature was for me, and what I like most about this job is that no two days are the same. On my days off I can often be seen taking in the views of Rutland Water – how many people can say they enjoy visiting their place of work on their days off?

Harry Waye-Barker
Head Ranger

Working at the reserve not only combines my passion for the environment and angling, but also gives me the opportunity to develop professionally – there’s no such thing as a boring day at Taverham Mill.

What we look for

For all of these roles, you’ll need to be extremely customer focused – you’re someone who can give customers a warm welcome and help them to make the most of their time in our water parks.

You won’t always need specific experience to join us here (although if you’ve worked in another visitor attraction, that would definitely be helpful).

For our more specialist roles, such as Water Sports Instructors, relevant qualifications are essential. However, for others – like Lifeguards – we can give you the training you need as long as you have a real aptitude for the role.

Our locations

We provide fantastic water parks for people and wildlife, receiving over 2 million visitors a year and covering over 4,428 hectares of parkland, woodland, nature reserves and water.


You need to be at least 16 years old, you can apply when you are 15, but will not be able to start working until after your 16th birthday.

We often provide training to achieve a specialist lifeguard qualification to candidates that have not already achieved the qualification, on the basis that you work during our busiest times in the Summer.

Being part of the Water Parks Team gives you discounts across Anglian water run activities and catering establishments.

If successful with your application, you will be paid on the 15th of each for the hours you have worked the previous month.

Due to the seasonal nature at our Water Parks, the majority of our opportunities are provided on a zero hour contract. However, occasionally we recruit for permanent staff who work at the parks all year round. All opportunities will be advertised here, on our careers page.

Definitely, as one of our important seasonal employees at our Water Parks, you could commit to hours that are suitable to you - our busiest times are at the weekends and school holidays.

The Aqua Park is run by an external company to Anglian Water, therefore they recruit their own staff. You would not be working on the Aqua Park as part of your Anglian Water lifeguard duties.