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Looking after Employee Wellbeing

At Anglian Water, we have a fundamental belief that looking after our people is the right thing to do.


That’s why we work hard to encourage employee wellbeing, and create a culture driven by happier, healthier and safer staff. 


Our long-term wellbeing strategy focuses on our employees being ‘healthier, happier, safer’. It puts health and wellbeing centre stage and extends beyond our workforce to those we do not directly employ, such as contractors in our supply chain. Our ambition is to support employees at work, and at home too. We believe that coming to work should have a positive impact on employee health and happiness. 

Anglian Water follows this model by making wellbeing central to our organisational strategy, as our ability to perform as a business is linked, entirely, to the performance of the people within it. If our colleagues are fit, well and safe they are likely to be more productive and deliver a better service to our customers.

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We’re proud to be the first water company to have been awarded the ISO (45003) standard. This recognises the important work we do to support our colleagues health and wellbeing.

The new ISO (45003) standard recognises an environment where our people feel safe and supported to be themselves and perform at their best. It also builds on our existing ISO (45001) for occupational health and safety.

Health and wellbeing is something we take really seriously at Anglian Water and we’re delighted that this has been recognised.

Wellbeing Plan 2024

At Anglian Water we care about your wellbeing. Through a series of campaigns and activities, aimed to improve employees’ health and well-being, we will do all we can to support you to be the best you can be at home and at work.

Our Wellbeing Plan focuses on the key health and wellbeing challenges we face, as a workforce. It’s designed to support you to be happy and healthy, but it can also help broaden your knowledge of key health and wellbeing topics; to enable you to help a colleague, a friend or a family member.

You should feel empowered to take action and play a part in the wellbeing activities by learning, staying active and taking notice of things around you. These are all proven techniques to help build physical and mental resilience and help us stay well. There’s lots of support available on the Wellbeing hub, where you’ll find everything you need in one handy place.

Well-being is being comfortable, healthy, or happy.  It is a complex combination of many different factors, such as physical, mental, and social health. These factors which can play a big part in how you feel and cope with everyday life.

We hold monthly webinars, with the topic linked to the Wellbeing Plan. We have a variety of guest speakers, who share their experiences, as well as bitesize opportunities to support you with your health and wellbeing. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about wellbeing in general, the benefits of looking after different aspects of your health and the longer-term implications if you don’t. There is plenty of guidance on techniques and support resources available, should you need them.

The videos are available throughout the year, to watch back on our Wellbeing hub.

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Monthly Focus

November was all about supporting men's health

With many illnesses affecting men on the rise, and in a new world that is so different for us all, it’s more important than ever for men to get help when they need it.

November’s focus looked to support with help, advice and information on subjects you may know, but also subjects that may be new to you.  Whether you are a man, or need to know more about how to support the men in your life, we want to focus on impacts on men’s health.

Men generally put off dealing with their health issues which could mean that more serious conditions go undetected or are not treated in the early stages when side effects are less serious.

There is information regarding the services Anglian Water provides and information relating to organisations and charities designed with men in mind.

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